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10 FAQ's About the PressurePak System

1. What does it do?
The PressurePak system puts your current water source (well or city) under a pre-set 40 PSI (adjustable to 100PSI) to your home and the controller adjusts the pressure as your use various water sources; shower, toilet, hose etc so you always have constant pressure throughout your house- always.

2. Is that all there is to it?
Yes! That's the beauty of the system. Everything comes in a 5'x2' galvanized box ready to plug in and change your water problems forever.

3. Is it loud?
No. The PressurePak system while under pressure has a very low "hum". And with additional insulation it becomes almost silent.

4. Can I buy something similar for cheaper?
There are other systems that can be made to work by purchasing the pump, controller, bladder tank, etc. separately and building your own system, but the cost and time would skyrocket. We manufacture these systems in our factory and save you the time and money.

5. Does it come with a warranty?
Yes. The system comes with a limited 18 month warranty that covers material and workmanship. The electric pump has an additional 5 year warranty available for an additional cost.

6. How much will it change my pressure?
Dramatically. This is a constant pressure system that you can adjust at 10PSI variables to whatever needs you have. The system is preset at 45PSI and can be adjusted up to 100PSI. In almost every case, that will allow you unlimited water usage with no detectable drop in pressure.

7. What does it cost to run monthly?
PressurePak is an energy efficient system. If you are on another type of booster pump now you'll want to know that the PressurePak system is more cost effective than most other booster systems available anywhere.

8. Who will install it?
The system is very easy to install. It comes equipped with either a 110 or 220 plug and all that needs to be installed is a low pressure line from your water supply and a high pressure line to the home. Kits are available and you can install yourself, or have your local plumber do it.

9. Is it ON all of the time?
The PressurePak system is always in a stand-by mode. As soon as you turn on your faucet, shower, or garden hose etc. the system automatically kicks in and starts adjusting and supplying your home with the correct pressure.

10. Will it be compatible with my current piping?
The system comes with a factory pre-set of 40PSI. Most homes are designed for a maximum working pressure of 125 PSI.

All new home design and construction companies should consider the PressurePak system!

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