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Looking for a simple yet effective water pressure boosting solution?

Single Pump
Dual Pump

The PRESSUREPAK™ water pressure boosting system offers these features:

  • Complete System-In-A-Box Design!
  • Easy installation with three simple connections - like a water heater
  • Up to 40% energy savings
  • Maintenance free, self cooling water pumps
  • Dry running protection
  • Standard home outlet voltage
  • Hammer inhibiting soft start
  • Overload and underload protection
  • Built-in pressure tank and pressure relief valve
  • Copper plumbing
  • Multiple pressure and GPM configurations available
  • Ozone option
  • Vented option
Before & After


Traditional pressure tank with booster pump system cluttering the landscape.

PRESSUREPAK™ replaced all the old equipment with a tidy box tucked away in the garage.

If you're plagued by low water pressure, you may need a reliable pressure boosting solution that is simple to install and economical to operate. The PRESSUREPAK™ system provides reliable constant water pressure for:

  • Homes

  • Offices

  • Commercial

  • Many other boosting applications

  • Condos

  • Irrigation

  • Restaurants

The three most important characteristics of the PRESSUREPAK™ system:

Plug and play design enables simple installation with three connections:
  • Low pressure water pipe "IN" hook-up
  • Hi pressure water pipe "OUT" hook-up
  • Electrical connection (must be performed by licensed electrician).

Variable speed, submersible, constant pressure pump technology:
  • Performance proven reliability
  • Greater flow curves at lower power consumption
  • Softer starts which prevents water hammer
  • Relatively quiet operation

Our customizable patented pumps make it possible to solve any water pressure problem with one phone call! Contact Us TODAY!

PRESSUREPAK™ Technical Data

Flow: Maximum 40 GPM (9 CMH)
Head: Maximum 300 feet/130 PSI (91 M)
Fluid Temperature: Maximum 95 degrees F (0 degrees C)
Ambient Temperature: Minimum 32 degrees F (0 degrees C)
Operating Pressure: Maximum 145 PSI
Inlet Pressure: Minimum flooded suction, Maximum limited by operating pressure
Operating Setpoint: 40 to 100 PSI (in 10 PSI increments)
Sound Pressure Level: External installation < 74 dB(A) at 3 feet from pump
With enclosure: various depending on enclosure type and insulation
Construction: Stainless steel pump casing and soldered copper plumbing

  1. Determine approximately how much water pressure you have available at your water inlet.
  2. Determine how much water pressure you require at maximum flow.
  3. The pressure difference between you available pressure (1 above) and your required pressure (2 above) is the PSI Boost Needed for you.
  4. Select the model from the chart below that meets the PSI Boost Need for you.
PSI Boost Needed

Example: You currently have about 20 PSI at the water inlet and you want 60 PSI with a maximum flow of 15 GPM. Therefore the amount of boost needed is 40 PSI. In this case you need model number P15-05A-110.
Flow required in gallon per minute (GPM)
System Configurations

Base Setup includes a 15 GPM variable speed constant pressure pump capable of producing up to 70 PSI of addtional water pressure, a variable speed pump controller, a 2 gallon pressure tank and a power cut-off box, all in a galvanized steel box.

Upgrades are available including dual pump systems that meet flow standards for residential sprinkler system.

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